Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings (RSH)

Madala & Associates has 52% shareholding in RSPH. RSPH was established in 2001 and is currently a Level II BB-BEE Company.
RSPH provides Business and IT Professional Consulting and Best of Breed Software to the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Energy, Mining, Manufacturing, Engineering, Agro Processing and the Utilities Sectors.

RSPH Represents International OEM products from Aveva, Aptean, SoftExpert, Ion Trading/WAM, and South African Software developer AdaptIT.
Long-standing Blue-Chip Companies include Sasol, Lonmin/ Sibeya Stillwater, Tronox, Anglo American, Amplats, Eskom, amongst others.



Madala Industrial Holdings has been newly created with its vision to provide Investment, Management and Empowerment to a qualifying list of Manufacturing, Engineering and Industrial Companies that have an annual Revenue of R 50m – R 200m per annum.

To date, MIH has a list of over 200 companies that fit into the above category and has already initiated positive discussions with selected companies from this list, with a view to BB-BEE Transformation.
In addition to BEE Equity Shareholding, Madala Industrial Holdings will play a KEY role in:

1. The Future Business Strategy and Reengineering
2. New SA Management Structure & Diversity
3. Mentoring, Coaching and Skills Development
4. Supplier Development & Localization
5. Enterprise Development

Madala has already identified and formed associations with KEY specialist companies that will provide additional Project Management and Functional Technical Services for Individual Industry Sectors that MIH invests in. This will also include Mentoring and Coaching of New Black employees for Specialist Functional and Technical designations.



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Madala Industrial Holdings (MIH)
Madala Asset & Fund Management

Madala Industrial Holdings has identified selected Investment Funding Companies for the purpose of financing Equity Shareholding and Business Transformation in the acquired companies.
Madala Asset and Fund Management is focused on the Transformation & LOCALISATION of the South African Automotive & Manufacturing Sector with the International OEM’s and Tier 1 Suppliers.


Madala & Associates has SPECIALIZED Teams, Company Associations and experience in SA, Africa and globally. In addition to Equity investments in selected companies, Madala focuses on the STRATEGY and IMPLEMENTATION of the following:

1. New Era SA Business Transformation
2. SA Management & Culture Diversity
3. Skills / Artisanal Development Programmes
4. Coaching and Mentorship Programmes
5. Sustainable Enterprise Supplier Development
6. Transformation & Localisation



Madala ADVISORY Services
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Madala Energy

Madala has a Strategic partnership with Energy 1 who is a leader in the provision of Biomass Waste to Energy Solutions.
This includes Consulting and the provision of globally proven Technology.

Madala Energy has been involved in the Biomass gasification industry for a number of years. Many technologies were evaluated to finally put together a functional reliable and most importantly cost-effective technology blend that really works. The technology does not require feedstock to be pelletized, but utilises the feedstock simply reduced to size where after it is fed into the up-draught gasification process. Environmental solutions now integrated with the technology has resulted in minimal sulphur emission from the flare off and simple management of any Tar produced.


In support of the SA Government’s BLACK INDUSTRIAL programme, Madala & Associates has formed a partnership with MAP™ SA (Manufacturing Accelerator Programme™).
MAP™ is a Global Blueprint for the Successful Implementation of Manufacturing and Industrial Businesses, focusing on Key Process and Solutions Implementation. The objective is the building of SUSTAINABLE BLACK INDUSTRIALISTS, thus creating many New Job opportunities, and the allied Supplier business ecosystems.


Partnership with Manufacturing Accelerator Programme (MAP™)

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