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Our passion for sustainable Job Creation has resulted in specially designed and relevant SA programmes with an emphasis on Black Enterprise Development and Supplier Development and Localisation.

These now form an integral part of our comprehensive Private and Public Sector Organizations BB-BEE Transformation strategies and have been developed over three decades, based on practical experience.

  • New Era SA Business Transformation

  • SA Management & Culture Diversity

  • Skills development programmes

  • Coaching and Mentorship programmes

  • Enterprise Development

  • Supplier Development & Localisation

We solve Challenges

most Businesses face

From inception, the purpose of Madala & Associates was to address the above-listed challenges facing Private & Government Organizations. Adding REAL Value to the success of established and emerging Black Businesses became an integral part of our overall BB-BEE Transformation strategy.

Madala & Associates is an investment and holding company that is a majority Black Women-owned entity.

  • Lack of Business Experience

  • Qualified Management

  • Access to Funding

  • SA relevant Skills development programmes

  • Qualified Mentors/Coaches

  • Sustainable Supplier Development & Localization

  • Sustainable Enterprise Development

We Play a key role

in over 200 Companies

Madala has already identified and formed associations with key specialist companies that will provide additional Project Management and Functional Technical Services for Individual Industry Sectors that MIH invests in.  This also includes Mentoring and Coaching of New Black employees for Specialist Functional and Technical designations.

In addition to BEE Equity Shareholding, Madala Industrial Holdings will play a KEY role in:

  • The Future Business Strategy and Reengineering

  • New SA Management Structure & Diversity

  • Mentoring, Coaching and Skills Development

  • Supplier Development & Localization

  • Enterprise Development

Our Team

Dilley Naidoo
Chief VISION Officer - Madala & Associates

Dilley has extensive International experience in Business Leadership, working across 5 continents.  His passion for People & Team Development across Global Multi-Cultural and disparate gender and age groups have resulted in a unique individual personalised technique of Mentoring, Coaching and Skills Development. An Innovative Thought Leader, who has invented the terms “Innovation³” ™, which is a Three-Dimensional Approach to the way we think, and “RESULTANT”™,  a mindset with a demonstrable Outcomes Achievement Philosophy.

Vasi Naidoo

Vasi initially started her career with a Passion for Education, and Skills Development, specialising in training and teaching of students with learning disabilities. She has engaged with businesses internationally through discussion groups and research projects.  She now focuses on specialising in human capital development, integration of multi-ethnic groups, while developing a common corporate culture and value creation.  Vasi has created and successfully operated People Development Centres and training institutions, in SA Black Talent and leadership development projects.

Angelo Kehayas
COO – Madala and Associates.

Angelo has a Bachelor of Science and an MBA and has extensive management and consulting experience in both large and small organizations globally. He has been involved in numerous transformation and major systems implementation projects and has developed ICT strategies for a number of large organisations and has 28 years of experience in the Business and Information Technology Industries. Widely respected, and referred to as Coach Angelo, his international and personal reach has impacted individuals and businesses extensively.

What does Madala Mean?

A Zulu word representing a person  of senior standing, who is appreciated and  looked upon due to in depth knowledge,  leadership, wisdom and integrity.

Madala & Associates was founded in 2012 after conducting in-depth research and analysis into the challenges and opportunities in both the Private and Public Sectors in South Africa. This was with regard to the objectives, achievements, challenges, and sustainability of the SA Government’s BB-BEE Transformation Programme.

Our Business Offerings

Madala Advisory Services

  • Business Advisory
  • Leadership Development
  • Skills Development
  • Mentoring/Coaching
  • Sustainable Enterprise Supplier Development (SESD)
  • Profweb www.profweb.net

Madala Industrial Holdings

  • Boutique Investments
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Company Turnarounds
  • Transformation & Localisation
  • FineBlanking www.fineblanking.co.za

Madala Energy

  • Madala’s GAS (Sasol LPG Distributor)
  • Carbon Emission Reduction/ Carbon Credits
  • Supplementary Energy to Eskom Grid
  • Energy1 – Waste 2 Energy www.energy1waste2energy.com

Madala Asset and Fund Management

  • Focus on SA Automotive Sector
  • Auto OEM Equity Equivalents Programme
  • Auto OEM Asset Fund Management
  • Transformation Programme Management
  • Ingeniousevolution www.ingeniousevolution.com

Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings

Core Values


7565 – Brainstorming-Techniques

How we THINK

7582 – Integrity-and-Principles


7594 – Personality-Development

How we FEEL

7589 – Morality

How we TREAT each other

7569 – Creativity-Skills

How we perform

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